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Ours is a company specializing in business consulting. ASSOCIATED CORPORATE CONSULTANTS was established in 1998 but internally has professionals with over twenty years of experience. Today the concept of business consulting has expanded to such an extent that it is appropriate to define more clearly what our field and our specializations are. Our fields of activity range from the purely accounting, tax and corporate sectors up to extraordinary operations and include innovative start-ups.  

Our customers are purely joint-stock companies and cooperatives, but we have, for some time, looked after the interests of various non-profit associations that excel at the Apulian level.

Extraordinary operations

  • Transformations

  • Mergers

  • Demergers

  • Liquidations

  • Contributions and capital increases

  • Company evaluations

  • Hereditary successions

  • Establishment and management of Trusts


Innovative Startups

  • Establishment and amendment
  • Evaluation of the business idea

  • Economic-financial plans

  • Identification of financial and management partnerships

  • Use of public subsidies

  • Management assistance


Tax consultancy

  • Tax planning

  • Use of tax breaks: investment tax credit, research tax credit, capital goods tax credit 4.0, etc.


Business Planning

  • Business strategy analysis

  • Business plan

  • Business development plans

  • Business creation


Business Check up

  • Development plan analysis

  • Verification of the main business areas (organization, finance, costs, production, warehouses, sales, administrations and budgets)

  • Definition of corrective actions

  • Competition analysis

  • Corporate crisis management


Accounting and management control

  • Bookkeeping

  • Audit

  • Verification of costs (budget, final balance)

  • Budget drafting

  • Financial statement

  • Management consultancy for company directors

  • Definition of the rules of valorisation and cost control

  • Costs per order

  • Contribution margin analysis

  • Production control

  • Stock analysis


Financial Management

  • Economic - financial plans also for Project Financing

  • Funding requests

  • Financial check up

  • Liquidity analysis

  • Evaluation of financial alternatives


Business organization

  • Creation and verification of company organization charts

  • Staff selection and evaluation

  • Personnel incentive systems

  • Staff training and retraining


Non-profit organizations

  • Establishment of non-profit associations, ONLUS, social cooperatives, cooperatives with prevalent mutuality

  • Accounting and drafting of the budget and final balance sheet

  • Tax compliance

  • Minutes drafting of the administrative body and of the members' assembly

Operazioni straordinarie
Startup Innovative
Consulenza fiscale
Pianificazione Aziendale
Check up Aziendali
Contabilità e controllo di gestione
Gestione Finanziaria
Organizzazione Aziendale
Enti no Profit
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