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"The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits"

(A. Einstein)

Professional Business Consulting Services in Lecce

Ours is a group of professionals specialized in business consultancy who capitalize on the skills and experience, also gained in over 30 years, by people who have a clear understanding of what companies need to face the turbulent competitive environment in the best way.

Today the concept of business consultancy has expanded to such an extent that it is appropriate to define more clearly what our area and our specializations are.

Our fields of activity range from the purely accounting sector, assisting the companies that have internal administrative management, to go through the execution of all tax obligations, also including the corporate sphere, up to extraordinary operations, such as mergers. , demergers, transformations, company contributions, capital increases, bond issues, liquidations, and the management of innovative start-ups.  

A particularly important intervention is management consultancy consisting of assisting the directors in choosing the best decisions.

We strongly believe in networks between professionals that we see as an opportunity to continue to be seized, in fact, by stimulating the synthesis of people with varied cultural backgrounds, increasingly satisfying solutions are generated.

We are a group of consultants who operate mainly in the Apulian territory and who, knowing the issues that involve our companies, are able to find specific solutions to solve the problems that afflict them.

Our customers are purely joint-stock companies and cooperatives, but we also have non-profit associations among our customers that excel in Puglia and stand out internationally.

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"Failures fall into two categories: those who acted without thinking and those who thought without acting."

(John Charles Salak)

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